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AI Security Posture Management

Radar empowers your teams to quickly detect and manage security threats, with end-to-end visibility across your entire AI environment.

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Maximize Productivity, Minimize Risk

The rapidly evolving adoption of AI creates unique challenges for organizations to ensure their applications are secure and compliant. Hidden security risks within AI/ML systems escape your current AppSec governance and control policies. This creates an urgent and immediate need to safeguard against vulnerabilities and enable organizations to quickly discover, respond to, and mitigate risks. 

Radar is the most comprehensive solution for AI Security Posture Management (AI-SPM). It empowers your organization to detect and mitigate risk in your AI/ML systems efficiently and confidently.

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From AppSec to ML teams, gain complete transparency into your ML environments, with quick identification of risks and threats in ML systems and AI applications.

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Empower AppSec teams to implement advanced audibility and risk management across technical, regulatory, operational, and reputational domains.

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Adopt a security-first approach to your AI/ML, with integrated security checks and automatic detection of risks in your models as it relates to regulatory compliance, data, and infrastructure.

The Most Advanced Solution to Secure Your AI

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Comprehensive Security Scans

Radar provides detailed insights into the security posture of your AI/ML resources and environments, and prioritizes risks for AppSec and ML teams enabling them to easily address these risks efficiently, and embrace MLSecOps.

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Contextualized Insights

Provides a tamper-proof ledger for all of your models and dependencies providing a comprehensive view that enables you to gain pinpointed visibility into your entire AI/ML system, spanning various ML Ops vendors, cloud providers, and supply chain assets.

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AI Risk Standardization

Our advanced policy engine enables the enforcement of policies against applications, models, pipelines, and datasets, ensuring consistent protection and compliance with government and industry regulations.

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Flexible Integration

The SDK allows your ML Engineers to use their existing tools to integrate their work quickly into Radar no matter the cloud vendor or platform.

Start Understanding and Managing Your AI Risk

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Key Features

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