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The First AI/ML Supply Chain Vulnerability Database

Sightline enables you to detect, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities in your AI/ML supply chain, providing early warning, contextualized insights, and remediation advice for risks.

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Detect, Assess, and Remediate Vulnerabilities
in Your AI Supply Chain


Existing vulnerability databases are rooted in traditional CVE (Common Vulnerability and Exposures) and NVD (National Vulnerability Database) sources and do not address the complexities of securing AI applications and ML models. This burdens AI builders and AppSec teams with the time-consuming task of manually evaluating known vulnerabilities in their AI and ML. 
Sightline extends beyond traditional vulnerability and security alert offerings by providing deep insights into both emerging and known vulnerabilities of AI and ML, with an industry leading early warning system to defend against threats an average of 30 days before they are publicly disclosed, whilst equipping your teams with the ability to quickly detect, assess and remediate their network for associated AI risks.


Equip red teams with the ability to quickly scan and evaluate your AI environment for vulnerabilities before attacks occur. 


Gain unprecedented access to security advisories contextualized to AI risk, and enriched for easy consumption and understanding of AI security research. 


Protect against AI risk with expert OSS maintainer provided patches and advice on remediation.

Stay Ahead of AI Adversaries with Sightline

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Powered by an expert AI research community

Sightline utilizes the world’s largest and only community of AI-focused security researchers and maintainers, huntr, who identify and remediate OSS vulnerabilities that affect AI applications and ML systems.

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A comprehensive AI Vulnerability Database

Sightline’s vulnerability database is specialized in exclusive AI first-party research from huntr, and third-party research from the NVD, adding context to AI vulnerabilities.

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Access to Vulnerability Scanners

Sightline provides Pen Testing tools for AI vulnerabilities, to quickly evaluate risks within your AI environment, and provides remediation advice to enable quick fixes of identified security issues.

Key Features

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Enhance Your Security Posture and Embrace AI and ML Innovations

Feature Free Premium
View a curated and enriched feed of public AIML security advisories
View remediation advice and patches for public security advisories
Limited access to vulnerability scanners
UNLIMITED access to all available vulnerability scanners
Access via an API to leverage the vulnerability database within existing security tools and workflows
An average of 30 days early access to undisclosed security advisories
An average of 30 day early access to remediation advice and patches for undisclosed security advisories
Protect AI platform integration to view vulnerabilities within your AI environment and gate via policies

Many eyes make all bugs shallow

Sightline is powered by our huntr community - the world’s first bug bounty board for AI/ML.
Together, we have helped protect AI by working with over 15k security researchers and maintainers who have earned over $500k finding & fixing vulnerabilities.


Vulnerabilities identified in the last 90 days


Vulnerabilities that are not yet public


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