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About us

Leading the Transition to MLSecOps

We're building a safer AI-powered world by empowering a community of AI focused security researchers, finding unique exploits in ML models, and providing tools to reduce risk inherent in AI development. MLSecOps puts security at the heart of AI/ML design, enabling AI developers and ML engineers to continue rapidly innovating while protecting against unique ML vulnerabilities.

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The three Protect AI founders, from left to right: Badar, Daryan, Ian

"We saw a gap between an enterprise’s AI and cybersecurity organizations. Protect AI will be the catalyst to collapse the silos between those teams to help them build safer, more secure AI systems to dramatically reduce enterprise risk." 

— Badar Ahmed, Co-founder and CTO

Our Story

Running some of the largest AI businesses in the world gave us a unique view into the needs from thousands of customers in how to successfully scale AI applications. As we watched more ML models be deployed into production, we saw a need to give AI builders a solution that would help make their environments more secure and tailored to unique aspects of ML code. Protect AI bridges the needs of cybersecurity and AI teams by helping them build the next stage of scaled, secure AI through the adoption of MLSecOps.

Five Protect AI employees of various ages and genders sitting on couches and talking


Headshot of Ian Swanson

Ian Swanson

CEO and Founder

Headshot of Daryan (D) Dehghanpisheh

Daryan (D) Dehghanpisheh

President and Founder

Headshot of Badar Ahmed

Badar Ahmed

CTO and Founder

Headshot of Diana Kelley

Diana Kelley


Headshot of Alexandra Bush

Alexandra Bush

Head of Marketing

Headshot of Chris King

Chris King

Head of Product

Headshot of Sean Morgan

Sean Morgan

Chief Architect

Backed by Industry Leading Capital Investors

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Angel Investors & Advisors

Shlomo Kramer

Shlomo Kramer

CEO, Cato Networks

Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson

CEO, Signal Sciences

Nir Polak

Nir Polak

CEO, Exabeam

Dan Plastina

Dan Plastina

Former VP of Security at
Amazon Web Services

Dimitri Sirota

Dimitri Sirota


Jessica Souder

Jessica Souder

Policy Advisor