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The Platform for AI and ML Security

Protect AI is the broadest and most comprehensive platform to secure your AI. It enables you to see, know, and manage security risks to defend against unique AI security threats, and embrace MLSecOps for a safer AI-powered world.

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Protect AI News
Industry News
Press Release

Protect AI Acquires Laiyer AI to Secure Large Language Models (LLMs)

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Press Release

Protect AI Announces Guardian, A Secure Gateway To Enforce ML Model Security

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AI in Government

Protect AI CEO, Ian Swanson, Delivers Testimony In Congressional Hearing on AI Security

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MLSecOps Podcast

Check out the newest episode!

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Hacking AI

System Takeover in MLflow

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A New Online Community

Protect AI Unveils

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Executive Order

White House on Safe Use of AI

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AI Regulation

The EU AI Act

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AI Security

Countries Agree to make AI Secure by Design

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See, Know, and Manage AI Security Risks

The Protect AI platform provides Application Security and ML teams the visibility and manageability required to keep your ML systems and AI applications secure from unique AI vulnerabilities. Whether your organization is fine tuning an off-the-shelf Generative AI foundational model, or building custom ML models, our platform empowers your entire organization to embrace a security-first approach to AI.


Understand and Mitigate AI Risk

Radar is the industry’s most advanced offering to secure and manage risk in your AI applications, with visibility and auditability features to ensure your AI remains protected. Its advanced policy engine enables efficient risk management across regulatory, technical, operational and reputational domains. Radar empowers your teams to quickly detect and respond to security threats across the entire AI lifecycle. It is vendor neutral, works across ML vendors/tools, and can be easily deployed in your environment.

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Protect Your ML Models from Malicious Code

Enable enterprise level enforcement and management of model security to block unsafe models from entering your environment. Guardian scans models from public repositories for malicious code, before the model is delivered. This adds a critical layer of security before you use or fine tune ML models, so you can continue AI exploration and innovation with confidence.

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LLM Guard

Secure Your LLM Applications

LLM Guard is a suite of tools to protect LLM applications by helping you detect, redact, and sanitize LLM prompts and responses, for real time safety, security and compliance. With built-in sanitization, detection of harmful language, prevention of data leakage, and resistance against prompt injection attacks, LLM-Guard ensures that user interactions with LLMs remain safe and secure.

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Protect AI in the News

Seattle-based startup Protect AI is growing its platform solution to the challenge of securing AI.”


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"As ML and AI gain momentum and emerge as must-have enterprise resources, MLSecOps is poised to reshape the way organizations approach the space. "


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"It’s still early days when it comes to defining security best practices for machine learning operations (MLSecOps), but it’s clear demand for AI cybersecurity expertise is rising." 


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"Protect AI has shifted left within the MLSecOps space. It secures bespoke model development, training data, and analyze foundational models for vulnerabilities."


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"Manufacturers and consumers of AI systems must put in place systems to provide the visibility they need to see threats deep inside their ML systems and AI applications quickly and easily”


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Fortune Cyber 60

We were named one of the best early stage companies of 2023 in Fortune's annual list of 60 best cyber companies. 


CB Insights Top AI Companies

Protect AI was named one of the Top 100 most promising artificial intelligence startups of 2023 by CB Insights.



MLSecOps: AI Security Education

Data scientists, ML and AppSec professionals, Regulators, and Business Leaders can learn best practices in MLSecOps, listen to podcasts with thought leaders, and connect with our thriving Slack community.

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Huntr: AI Threat Research

The World's first AI Bug Bounty Platform, huntr provides a single place for security researchers to submit vulnerabilities, to ensure the security and stability of AI applications. The Huntr community is the place for you to start your journey into AI threat research.

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Open Source: AI OSS Security Tools

Protect AI designed best-in-class OSS tools for AI security. You can contribute code or issues, discover documentation, and get started with AI security with our Apache 2.0 licensed Open Source projects.

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