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Easily Secure Your AI & ML Systems

Protect AI performs security scans on your ML lifecycle and helps you deliver secure and compliant ML models and AI applications.

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Protect AI Offerings

Enterprises must understand the unique threat surface of their AI & ML systems across the lifecycle and quickly remediate to eliminate risks. Our products provide threat visibility, security testing, and remediation. 

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Threat Visibility

AI and ML System Threat Surface Visualization and Context Mapping

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Security Testing

AI and ML Security Tests Across Your ML Assets, Tooling, and Processes

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Actions to Remediate AI and ML Security Risks

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Products to Secure Your AI and ML Systems


NB Defense

Industry-First Security Tool for ML Notebooks, That's Free To Use 

Jupyter Notebooks are a powerful tool for data scientists to explore data, create models, evaluate experiments, and share results with their peers. The notebooks contain live code, visualizations, data, and text. They introduce security risks and current cybersecurity solutions do not work to evaluate them. NB Defense is free to use, it quickly scans a single notebook or a repository of notebooks for common security issues, identifies problems, and guides your remediation.

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NB Defense Jupyter Notebook Extension


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AI Radar

Secure Your AI & ML Systems

Machine Learning is complex, and the pipelines that help your organization deliver it at scale inherit that complexity as well. This creates blindspots to traditional security practices and prevents risks from being adequately understood and mitigated. Conduct reviews with a comprehensive test suite for unique vulnerabilities found in AI and ML systems, and get clear remediations to deliver more secure ML models and AI applications.

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"Protect AI addresses a major gap in cybersecurity: Security and compliance of AI systems and ML code."

— Dan Plastina, Former VP and Head of Security Services at Amazon Web Services

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Key Value of Protect AI Offerings

Protect AI is the first company focused on the security of AI and ML Systems creating a new category we call MLSecOps. Our offerings help your enterprise easily secure and better govern your AI and ML Systems resulting in more trusted artificial intelligence.

Innovate, Model, & Collaborate More Securely

Secure your notebooks and adopt MLSecOps best practices by checking your notebooks and their environment for critical security issues. Protect AI's NB Defense keeps you productive and collaborative while helping reduce security risks, scanning for issues and surfacing insights inside Jupyter Lab.



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Secure Your ML Stack, End to End With Context & Confidence

Scan and remediate all elements of your ML software supply chain, in an easy, automated fashion. Protect AI tools integrate into your existing MLOps frameworks and procedures, providing everyone who relies on your systems with a more secure AI environment.




Stay Focused on Security, not Distracted by ML Nuances.

Comprehending the unique risks of AI systems and ML supply chains can be daunting. Protect AI tools give you clarity and context in an environment and syntax familiar to you, making sure you can communicate effectively with your AI and ML development teams. Shortening the time not only to discover issues, but to mitigate them as well.


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MLSecOps Community

MLSecOps is a new and much needed practice in application security that involves introducing security earlier in the ML model development life cycle. Join our Slack community today and help shape this new frontier in machine learning and cybersecurity.