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NB Defense

Shift Left Security for Data Scientists.

Protect AI's NB Defense is the industry’s first security solution to address vulnerabilities in a core component used at the beginning of a machine learning experiment.

NB Defense ushers in the new category of MLSecOps to build a safer AI-powered world and is the only Jupyter Notebooks scanning tool available.

It’s free to use and runs in your Jupyter Notebook environment.

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An industry-first, security scanner for Jupyter Notebooks.

NB Defense Scans a Notebook for

Product Orange_White.NB.Secrets detection


API keys, private keys, authentication tokens, and other security credentials.
Product Orange_White.NB.PII Exposure


Sensitive data and personally identifiable information.

Product Orange_White.NB.Code Vulnerabilities


Dependency vulnerabilities and exposures in ML OSS frameworks, libraries, and packages.
3p licenses_orange

Third-Party Licenses 

Nonpermissive licenses in ML OSS frameworks, libraries, and packages.