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Announcing Sightline: The First AI/ML Vulnerability Database


Protect AI Releases Sightline, the Most Comprehensive AI/ML Vulnerability Database

Sightline provides early earning, contextualized insights, and remediation tools for unique AI/ML vulnerabilities and exploits

SEATTLE, May 6, 2024 – Protect AI today unveiled Sightline, the most comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) supply chain vulnerability database. Sightline extends beyond traditional vulnerability and security alert offerings by providing deep insights into known and emerging AI/ML vulnerabilities, with an industry leading early warning system to defend against threats an average of 30 days before they appear in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). Enabling organizations to quickly detect, assess, and remediate their AI ecosystem and environment for associated AI risks. 

Sightline not only enhances the security awareness and posture of businesses but also empowers them to embrace AI and ML innovations with confidence, ensuring a safer AI-powered world. The product is publicly available at

The Most Comprehensive AI/ML Supply Chain Vulnerability Database

The AI/ML supply chain comprises libraries, packages, frameworks, foundational models, and datasets. This supply chain is the backbone of much AI innovation and digital transformation within an organization. Yet, existing vulnerability databases lack breadth of AI coverage, fail to provide necessary details on AI risks, and don’t address all the complexities of securing AI applications and ML models. With the rapid advancement in AI and ML, there's an urgent need for extensive security research to counteract new threats.

These include poisoned datasets, prompt injection attacks, and model serialization attacks, as well as classic problems in new assets which include remote code execution, local file inclusions, authentication bypasses, and memory buffer overflows which are prevalent in the massive open-source ecosystem for AI applications and MLOps development pipelines. As enterprises are targeted by attackers leveraging novel and zero day vulnerabilities, organizations need to stay ahead of these attacks with deep insights into known and emerging AI/ML vulnerabilities. Protect AI’s Sightline provides these capabilities. 

"With the rapid adoption of Generative AI, and the large installed base of traditional AI, securing AI applications and ML models is paramount. Traditional vulnerability databases fall short, a gap that Sightline uniquely addresses,” said Ian Swanson, CEO of Protect AI. “Sightline doesn’t just add to the vulnerability database noise; it zeroes in on AI and ML vulnerabilities with precision, backed by our exclusively focused AI/ML hacker community - huntr. This ensures our customers can stay one step ahead in AI/ML security, and have a robust shield against evolving threats. At Protect AI, we're committed to pioneering solutions that safeguard the future of AI and ML technologies."

Powered by huntr AI/ML Bug Bounty Community

Sightline revolutionizes how enterprises secure their AI applications and ML models by offering a comprehensive vulnerability database that surpasses traditional sources with original security research tailored to AI and ML technologies. By harnessing the power of Protect AI’s huntr, the industry's only dedicated AI/ML hacker community, Sightline draws from over fifteen thousand experts to uncover vulnerabilities in under-researched areas and foundational AI components, ensuring that enterprises stay ahead in securing their AI innovations. 

On a monthly basis, the huntr community is discovering and helping to fix 50+ unique vulnerabilities in the AI/ML supply chain with notable examples such as Remote Code Executions in Hugging Face Transformers, NVIDIA's Triton Inference Server and PyTorch Serve. These detailed and unique findings create the foundation of novel security research used in the Sightline AI/ML vulnerability database. 

Sightline can be accessed today at where interested users can freely browse the latest findings, assess their risk with enriched vulnerability information, and download automated vulnerability scanners to check if their AI environments are exposed. An enterprise offering unlocks undisclosed findings, providing an unprecedented 30-day average early access time frame to digest and remediate systems afflicted by these AI/ML supply chain vulnerabilities. Enterprise customers have the exclusive ability to integrate proactive research into their specific AI/ML supply chain assets, allowing them to continue to build with confidence. 

Integration with Protect AI Platform

Also included with Sightline are penetration testing tools that quickly assess vulnerabilities within AI environments, and provide additional context on the impact of issues. Sightline also integrates with Protect AI’s Radar security posture management product to contextualize vulnerabilities within a customer's AI supply chain. This visibility enables swift and accurate responses to potential threats by automatically evaluating the relevance of vulnerabilities within the unique context of their AI applications. Sightline can be accessed as a standalone application or via an API feed. 

"Sightline, through the Protect AI Channel Partner Program, equips Pathfynder with the cutting-edge insights and tools necessary to pioneer new penetration testing methodologies for the most critical assets in the digital age: AI systems and ML models,” said DJ Fuller, CEO of Pathfynder. “The unique vulnerabilities and threat landscapes of these technologies demand specialized approaches that only Sightline’s unparalleled intelligence can enable. Sightline not only enhances our capabilities but also ensures that we can offer our clients the most secure AI environments. It's a game-changer for us and the industry.”

Protect AI is the broadest and most comprehensive platform to secure your AI. It enables you to see, know, and manage security risks to defend against unique AI security threats, and embrace MLSecOps for a safer AI-powered world. Sightline can be used as a standalone offering or can be added to the suite of Protect AI’s platform capabilities providing context and early warnings for AI security posture management to detect, assess, and remediate threats. The comprehensive suite of Protect AI products and features underscores the company’s commitment to providing advanced, customer-centric AI and ML security solutions, reinforcing its pivotal role in safeguarding next-generation technology environments. Customers can begin securing their AI applications and ML models by leveraging Sightline today. To learn more, or inquire about enterprise pricing, visit or contact 

About Protect AI, Inc.
Protect AI is the broadest and most comprehensive platform to secure your AI. It enables you to see, know, and manage security risks to defend against unique AI security threats, and embrace MLSecOps for a safer AI-powered world. Protect AI’s Platform provides visibility into the AI/ML attack surface, detects unique security threats, and remediates vulnerabilities. Founded by AI leaders from Amazon and Oracle, Protect AI is funded by Acrew Capital, boldstart ventures, Evolution Equity Partners, Knollwood Capital, Pelion Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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