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Protect AI Selected Top Cyber Company in 2024 Enterprise Security Tech Awards

Company recognized for comprehensive platform that provides end-to-end protection for AI/ML systems 

SEATTLE, May 13, 2024 -- Protect AI, the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) security company, today announced it was named a Top Cyber Company for its AI/ML security platform in the 2024 Enterprise Security Tech Awards.

This list recognizes the companies that have demonstrated exceptional value to the market through technical product/service innovation, industry analyst recognition, customer testimony, tangible customer results, and a commitment to employment development and training. Winners  have not only showcased groundbreaking solutions but have also contributed to the broader cyber community through training initiatives and certifications.

According to the judges, “With its AI-driven approach to cybersecurity, Protect AI offers unparalleled protection against evolving cyber threats, empowering organizations to safeguard their valuable data assets.”

“Being named a Top Cyber Company by Enterprise Security Tech demonstrates the strength of our team, technology and how serious the problem of securing AI/ML systems has become,” said Ian Swanson, CEO of Protect AI. “The Protect AI Platform is the only offering available today capable of securing the entire AI/ML Lifecycle end-to-end, and we are honored to receive this award, which further affirms our leadership in the space of AI Security.”

Protect AI’s end-to-end AI/ML security platform includes:

Radar is a comprehensive solution for AI security posture management, providing organizations with end-to-end visibility across their entire ML supply chain, including models, data, AI applications, and ML pipelines. It enables customers to quickly identify and mitigate risks. Radar’s vendor-neutral approach ensures compatibility across all ML vendors and tools, facilitating deployment in diverse environments. With the combination of an AI/ML-BOM and robust policy engine, Radar facilitates audits of ML systems and enforces security policies, rendering ML systems transparent and governable.

Guardian acts as a secure model gateway, ensuring the integrity and safety of first and third party models by continuously scanning for malicious code and other policy violations before they enter or are used in a customer's environment. This preemptive security measure is crucial for safeguarding against the introduction of vulnerabilities through public repositories like Hugging Face, GitHub, and TensorFlow Hub, as well as private model registries. By performing security scans as part of the CI/CD process, Guardian ensures that only secure models are deployed in a customer's environment. 

Sightline is the industry’s first AI/ML supply chain vulnerability database and threat feed. Drawing from Protect AI’s threat research community huntr, Sightline provides unique insights into AI/ML vulnerabilities, exploits, and remediations, coupled with red teaming scripts, all while providing early alerts and context an average of 30 days or more before vulnerabilities are published in the National Vulnerability Database. Sightline facilitates a shared knowledge base for the prevention and mitigation of AI/ML-specific threats.

Layer  Provides security and monitoring to detect, redact, and sanitize inputs and outputs from LLMs, to ensure the safety, security, and compliance of LLM applications, enabling comprehensive security, governance, and monitoring of risks across all enterprise LLM applications.

huntr is the world’s first AI/ML bug bounty platform focused on protecting AI/ML open-source software (OSS), foundational models, and ML Systems. Protect AI’s research team and the huntr community constantly find vulnerabilities in the tools used to build AI applications and report monthly on critical vulnerabilities and their remediation. 

MLSecOps Community is the premier hub for AI-Security educational resources and knowledge sharing. 

About Protect AI

Protect AI is the broadest and most comprehensive platform to secure your AI. It enables you to see, know, and manage security risks to defend against unique AI security threats, and embrace MLSecOps for a safer AI-powered world. Protect AI’s Platform provides visibility into the AI/ML attack surface, detects unique security threats, and remediates vulnerabilities. Founded by AI leaders from Amazon and Oracle, Protect AI is funded by Acrew Capital, boldstart ventures, Evolution Equity Partners, Knollwood Capital, Pelion Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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Media Contact:

Marc Gendron

Marc Gendron PR for Protect AI