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Employee Spotlight: Josh Miles

We’re excited to celebrate, Josh Miles, a senior software engineer and an early member of Protect AI. We're currently hiring for Josh’s team on our Careers page, check out these 🔥job opportunities:
Read below to learn more about Josh. #protectai  #mlsecops  #aizeroday  #devsecops  #datascience  #cybersecurity  #machinelearning  #hiring  #techjobs
Q: Tell me about your role and what you’re currently working on?
Josh: As a senior software engineer, I’ve been working on NB Defense, which is a suite of tools to scan Jupyter notebooks, and bringing it to open source.
Q: What are you most excited about working at Protect AI?
Josh: MLSecOps (machine learning security operations) is a brand new category and innovating in this space is similar to being at the forefront of web security when no one was thinking about it. The entire industry and its tools have so much room for growth and it's exciting to be involved at such an early stage.
Q: Two years down the road, what does this look like for you?
Josh: I see Protect AI as a leader in creating best practices for ML pipelines. I see us creating solutions that enable ML engineers to have more confidence in the models they are building in terms of both robustness and security.
Q: We are hiring- why would someone want to work here?
Josh: It’s incredibly appealing working in open source software and tools, I would definitely mention that to anyone that would want to work here. Also, I’m drawn to this opportunity because I’m learning so much more at a startup. I’m able to do full stack development and work on both front-end and back-end development. I’m also able to flex design muscles that I haven’t been able to at larger companies. I’m involved at every level and I am enjoying that.