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Employee Spotlight: Faisal Khan

Shoutout to Faisal Khan, one of our Senior Software Engineers, and Protect AI's first recruit! We had a Q&A with Faisal on what attracted him to the emerging space of MLSecOps, how his role with Protect AI is growing his career, and shares what he ❤️ about our company's culture. Read more below, and check out our Careers Page- We're Hiring!

Q: What attracted you to this emerging space of MLSecOps?

Faisal: As the adoption of ML in enterprises is growing, so are the potential risks and security-related challenges. Securing an ML system is especially unique as well, apart from the traditional system because of the inherent black box nature of a lot of these more recent algorithms in ML/deep learning systems. This requires the development of new standards to assess the risk and development of new tools to integrate security as a core component of the product when deployed. There is a lot of innovation that is going to happen in this particular space.

Q: How does Protect AI help you achieve your career goals?

Faisal: Protect AI is offering a unique opportunity to work on the forefront of the rapidly growing field of security in AI systems. It’s a great opportunity for someone to be a pioneer in the space, grow their skills, with the potential to have a real impact on making the adoption of AI systems more widespread by making them more reliable and secure.
The founding team had previous experience successfully executing a company in a similar area, and are current industry leaders in terms of building and delivering AI systems for large enterprises, and understand the space better than most.

Q: What do you love most about the culture of Protect AI?

Faisal: Empowering teams and building around our people by offering a level of autonomy so we can find the best solution for the problems we are seeing. This will lead to a better product for the customer while helping everyone grow in their current role. Valuing the opinions of others, with a process of validation, and put into practice whenever possible.