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Employee Spotlight: Dan McInerney

We’re excited to announce our newest hire, Dan McInerney who will lead our security team as Senior Security Engineer. 
Learn more about Dan and how he hopes to influence the ethical hacking community and develop the new category, #MLSecOps.

Q: What’s so exciting about the ML Security Research you’re doing?

Dan: It’s like going back in time and being one of the first hackers in the 2000s web boom. Security was an afterthought back then and amazing discoveries could be had by anyone with the time and skill to just peek under the covers.

Q: How do you hope to influence the ethical hacking community?

Dan: I want to show ethical hackers that they can, and should be specifically looking for AI artifacts like datasets and trained models. In the same way, they’re looking for credit card numbers, financial data, and business IP, ethical hackers should be targeting the most vulnerable parts of the infrastructure and showing their clients the path to safety.

Q: What are you most excited about while working at Protect AI?

Dan: It is a dream come true to use my 15 years of hacking alongside my intense AI studies.