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AI Companies to Watch for in 2023

Jan 05, 2023 Media 1 min read

AI companies to watch for in 2023

Data Science Central names Protect AI as one of the AI Companies to Watch for in 2023. 

AI Companies to Watch for in 2023

For this year, OpenAI is an easy choice for the top AI company. It’s ChatGPT platform – which was launched in late November – was a game changer. Over a million people signed up for the service within a week.

ChatGPT has shown the tremendous progress with AI, especially with its creative abilities. There was even buzz that the system could represent a threat to the mighty Google search engine.

OK then, so what are some of the other interesting AI companies to keep an eye on? Which may also have breakout moments?

There are certainly many to choose from. With years of heavy investments from venture capitalists, there are thousands of AI startups.

5 – Protect AI

When spinning up cool AI models using Jupyter Notebook, how secure is this? Well, there are definitely vulnerabilities. These can certainly mean big problems because models often use sensitive data. There may also be proprietary methods that are exposed.

But there are some startups emerging to help secure AI pipelines. One is Protect AI.

Its first product, NB Defense, is free and yes, it is for Jupyter Notebook. This will be a way for Protect AI to get mindshare and adoption, which will help with the rollout of paid products.

All this is part of MLSecOps (Machine Learning + Security + Operations). The idea is that security must be a part of AI models from the start.

In December, Protect AI announced a $13.5 million seed round. The investors included Avisio Ventures, boldstart ventures, Knollwood Capital, and Pelion Ventures.

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